We are helping companies to make digitization projects successfully!

Management | Coaching for digitalization initiatives, market launch and sales

Marco Linsenmann

Owner and CEO

“Doesn’t work!” means always a lack of imagination (Hans-Peter Dürr).

Internet Of Things (Industry 4.0), necessary, new business models or digitization of existing processes – from the idea to the market – Solving Bridge offers dedicated and experienced support.

Solving Bridge – the bridge between your customers and your ideas. We support you and your leading teams with the implementation and market launches of your digital product and service offerings. Personally. Active. Successful.

Our offering

Solving Bridge provides active support in the following areas:

  • Interim management and coaching for digital product development (C-level and executive level)
  • Interim Management and coaching for market launch and distribution improvements (C-level and executive level)
  • Creative support in the identification and development of new markets and sales opportunities
  • Identification and anticipation of structural changes, based on your industry and segment – and how digatlization will help
  • Attracting new customers, increase customer loyalty and customer performance

Our approach

Solving Bridge works methodically, and applies its methods to accommodate your specific needs:

  • The Blue Ocean Strategy enables any company, be it a corporate group or small to medium-sized business, to systematically open up new and profitable growth areas.
  • The Lean Canvas Business Mode lays out business plans (together with the background information) for new services or products succinctly and to the point on a single page – thus guiding you to making the right decisions and progress.
  • Structured and focused working approaches provide for transparency and maximum success within a very short time.

Solving Bridge strongly builds on soft facts

  • Trust, rapport and reliability are our guiding principles – in our dealings with you and in our work for your customers.
  • Solving Bridge augments your business with creativity and an unerring impetus.
  • We have many years’ experience in how to market and sell complex and sophisticated services and products in the B2B sector.

Your next step to success

Don’t wait any longer! Arrange your first consultation for a personal meeting with me, Marco Linsenmann, Managing Partner of Solving Bridge GmbH. This informal meeting won’t cost you anything except some of your time.

During this conversation, you will learn more about our approach and the fundamental facts for the next steps:

  • Do we have faith and confidence in one another, and is the chemistry reciprocal?
  • How can quantifiable sales successes be achieved in your specific segment? What will be the outcome? How quickly will they become tangible?
  • What contribution will you have to make? And how is Solving Bridge’s performance-based commission calculated?

Simply fill in the contact form below, and in return you will receive “Blue Ocean Strategy” by Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim at our first meeting.